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Superfood of The Week: Buckwheat

Superfood of The Week: Buckwheat
Despite it’s name, buckwheat is unrelated to wheat and, in fact, is not a grain at all! Buckwheat is related to sorrel, knotweed and rhubarb and is a perfect alternative to grains for those allergic to gluten.
The plant is widely popular in Russia and Ukraine, where it’s a household staple. Roasted buckwheat groats are traditionally eaten boiled, and sometimes used in soups and for stuffing.
Buckwheat has a myriad of benefits, so you should seriously consider adding it to your diet, either in the form of porridge or as flour in your daily baking.
So what’s so good about buckwheat?
  • It boasts many nutrients like manganese, magnesium and copper. It’s also an excellent source of B vitamins.
  • It contains a special type of fibre shown to lower blood sugar, help weight loss, reduce cravings and improve diabetes.
  • High in protein, buckwheat has all nine essential amino-acids, which it makes for an excellent meat substitute.
It’s cleans and strengthens the intestines and improves appetite.
We love using buckwheat flour in our pancakes and cookies to make them more nutritious and add that delicious nutty flavour!