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5 Healthy New Year Resolutions

5 Healthy New Year Resolutions

One of the best parts of our job here at Superfood Bakery is meeting like-minded people and learning from them. Today we would like to introduce you to our friend Jenna Hope. A registered nutritionist, Jenna has worked on a weight loss camp and at Harley Street's Food Doctor Clinic, developed recipes and worked as a nutrition consultant for a high street brand. 

This week, Jenna is offering Superfood Bakers her tips to become healthier in 2017. 

New year is the perfect time to set resolutions and change the things which aren’t working for you. During this time it is really easy to get carried away and set hugely unrealistic goals. So let us be real, sensible and productive here. In this post I suggest my top five new years resolutions and how you can go about implementing them. 

  1. Cut back on sugar - as a nutritionist I hear time and time again people insisting to change everything at once, and the truth is it won’t work that way. If you’re looking to change your diet, start small. I’m suggesting you slowly reduce your sugar intake to allow your body to adjust. Begin by removing sugar from your tea and coffee and cutting out sugar sweetened beverages. This may seem minor but once you’ve sussed it you can move on!
  1. Drink more water - water is absolutely vital for the body, it is so easy to carry on with our busy lives and totally forget to drink. When the body is in a dehydrated state it is unable to carry out daily activities, including reduced concentration and memory.
  1. Exercise more - people often make this a new years resolution but with no plan to follow it through. Exercise should be put in the diary just like any other work commitment, meeting or social plan. At the beginning of each week factor in your exercise plan to ensure it doesn’t just get brushed under the carpet!
  1. Stop - this is so important, allow yourself 10 minutes a day just to stop rushing around, stop working, stop doing household chores or sitting on social media. Take this time to clear your head, consider what you’re grateful for and allow this time to think. There’s always something to be grateful for even on the worst of days. This activity will give you a more positive outlook on life and allow you to view things differently.
  1. Cut the stress - this is much easier said than done, however, all the tips I have given you will help you to reduce stress. It is really important to learn not to get wrapped up in a stressful moment and the skill to sit back and realise that no matter how important the project is or how late you are for a meeting, in the grand scheme of life it isn’t worth allowing your body to spiral into a state of stress and a pool of cortisol (as that doesn’t do anyone any favours!)